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Saturday, 26 February 2011

A couple of dances mixed together

Well  i am still here just. my p.c. has been unhelpful to say the least and last week i only managed to get one picture take before i crashed and then after that they where taking bets on how long i would last.

This weeks dance was the spring formal and i made it to the dance but my S.O did not so i was a wonderful wall flower for the night. Still i managed to take pictures for you all to see the lovely ladies in there wonderful gowns oh and in case you are wondering which of them won think satsuma

And the one picture from the latex night

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

After the Mayhem of Mash.....

Crazy Avatar night     What else could possibly follow .  Sadly I was not able to attend this dance so I am grateful for Dally for taking the following pictures.

All hail the great Hawkeye

This weeks dance was doctors and Nurses. Now what girl does not want to be examined by the handsome doctors at the 4077th Mash. The nurses where all looking out for Hawkeye but well none of us could agree on which handsome hunk would fulfill the role so spoilt for choice where we.