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Friday, 10 September 2010

Sporting Life

Do you remeber the 60's

They say if you can remember the 60's you where not there.........not sure if it counts if you where born in the that era mmmmm sshhhhhhh that give my age away.  And followers of this site will know here at the retreat we don't things by halves so when the call went out for a 60's we  have fun as only we can ......take a look but wear sunglasses. :) 
Battle of the Hair do's
Ohhh where's the Ladies
Errr  "you got the time"
All this hair is a strain on the neck
What the well dressed Cave girl was wearing
Hippsters are US
Mighty powerful Rain Dancing ? I think!
I's Dutch dontcha know
So glad i wore my sunglasses
Pretty in pink x2
You Dancing
The IN crowd

Rock and Roll

Well when you need to blow of steam the best way it to grab a few friends turn the dukebox up high and blast out the likes of Bill Haley and the comets or Chuck Berry doing the Twist .   So here for your delight and enjoyment is the evidence of a good time being had by All.....enjoy