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Monday, 24 January 2011

Bright and colourful

This weeks dance was a wonderful affair. The photographer got an honourable mention as today is their birthday and so birthday wishes where given.

on with the show

The look of love

sweet as bubblegum

Lady in Pink

It's a fair cop governor

Strut that stuff

Warrior Maids of the Retreat

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Kidd, The Parrot and Black Wings

Hi A/all
This week at the Retreat was fantasy night. We had the Pirate that had two parrot's one called Polly and the other called Di.
A very bad case of underage drinking and the associated mess that comes with that.
And some one stole Troys wings from the picture...... wonders if the kidd had anything to do with that ????

Enjoy the pics have fun
Have you met the new bar man and his chopper 

Dancing girls are gettng younger

At the retreat we don't have Madame Butterfly we have Madame Dragonfly

A Pirate and his girls are never parted

Just Peachy

Snow white manages to leave the animals at home

The Man with no Name

A very bad hair day

A case for detection  Where are my wings?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Seeing the new year in with style

Well the holiday season is over so the dances have resumed over at the retreat.

Kicking 2011off in style and grace the ladies and gents had a ball at The Ball.

WE at the retreat would like to wish you A/all a very happy new year and may this new decade bring the health and happiness you desire and deserve